Cybersecurity Insurance

Let’s take a moment to bring attention to another important part of the cybersecurity response… cybersecurity insurance.

Cybercrime is on the rise… This is not necessarily new information.  But were you aware that malicious emails increased by 600% during the coronavirus pandemic?  This is an absolutely insane statistic.  There is literally no way to avoid being targeted, but there are steps to take to avoid becoming a victim, such as

  • Commercial grade firewall
  • Maintaining updates and security patches
  • Best practice security policies
  • Employee training

But what about after the fact?  What if an employee just happens to click on the wrong email and all of a sudden there is a major business interruption?  Fantastic, you have backups, a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) Plan and Netcomm working with you to restore business in a timely and efficient manner and address the technical impact of the data breach.  But what about a potential financial impact?  Cybersecurity insurance is a great tool to add to the response toolbox to address any financial repercussions.  Risk assessment is a very individual process but consider for a moment if your disaster response is complete without cybersecurity insurance.  Seventy-nine (79) percent of policy holders believe cyber insurance is worth the cost (Cowbell Cyber Report Q1 2022).

For more information on minimizing risk exposure, providing cyber awareness training for employees or to discuss cyber security insurance contact Netcomm – [email protected].

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