Our Mission

We aren’t your average IT company. Netcomm strives daily to provide our clients with the necessary technical resources, including hardware, software and services, so that they can focus on their company’s primary goals. Our goal is to be a partner with our clients and not just a vendor, by providing honest, trustworthy and timely service. We provide an environment for our employees to be productive so they can grow both personally and professionally, because we know they are the backbone of the business. We must also be financially stable and guarantee an adequate profit, which ensures the longevity and stability of the company, thereby providing a continuing relationship with our clients.

We Do IT

So You Don’t Have To

For over 25 years, Netcomm has helped businesses optimize their use of technology. Our top priority is to identify the correct IT solutions to help our clients grow and be successful. By taking the time to understand your unique requirements, we’re able to anticipate needs and quickly overcome unforeseen challenges that others cannot. We know that each IT need is different. That’s why our team provides a customized solution for each client, then follows up with dependable IT support ensuring success.

The right people make all the difference in turning a project into a long-term business relationship. The team at Netcomm is made up of computer technicians, network engineers and system analysts, all who want to provide the best support possible.

Netcomm’s services range from managed IT, managed security, cloud computing and structured cabling services. Let us start delivering the very best in IT solutions to your organization today.


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A Guide to Mitigating Cyberthreats

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The Benefits of Communications as a Service

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