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Remote Work Done the Right Way

Today’s technology has made working from any location with a Wi-Fi connection a breeze. So, if one, most or all of your staff are working remotely because of a work from home day, a conference or the next global pandemic, be sure they are doing so with your organization’s protection ensured.

Netcomm deploys our endpoint security service to protect your entire data network. Our layered approach provides you with a secure connection no matter how or where data is accessed. These locations and devices include:

  • In the office either from work or personal devices
  • On unsecured Wi-Fi either from work or personal devices

No matter the Wi-Fi connection, where the connection is made nor which device is being used, you can be sure your entire data network is secure with Netcomm’s endpoint security service.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

No matter if storm damage, building fire or ransomware attack gets in between you and your data, our IT services provide the leverage to remove all obstacles.

Security Assessment

Has it been a while since you’ve last examined your security needs? We’ll go over your entire network and report our findings so you can decide which of our IT services are right for you.

Dark Web Protection

You’ve worked too hard and spent too much time and money on making your company what it is today. Don’t let your data be sold off for some cybercriminal’s profit. We’ll scan the dark web before it’s too late.

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When you’re facing tight deadlines, high vendor prices, impossible odds or increasing technology pitfalls, we’re the safety net to catch your fall and spring you back to work. Discover all the ways we can assist you through our many IT service offerings.

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