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A lot can threaten everything your company has worked so hard to achieve. Natural disasters can cause damage to your office or data storage facilities just as easily as infrastructure failures like fire, water and electrical damage can. Then there’s always the chance that a cybercriminal can use one of their many tricks to encrypt your data in a ransomware attack. When you partner with Netcomm, we provide the data backup and disaster recovery services you need to get back to work in moments.

We do this by sitting down with you and determining the following:

  • Your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) or how quickly you need to recover your data in order to maintain business continuity
  • Your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) or how long you can go in between backups so you don’t lose an irrecoverable amount of data

These metrics are different for every business, but adequately identifying and adhering to them will be the difference between a speed bump and a nosedive for your company. Netcomm has helped many organizations stay level after a data loss event with our data backup and disaster recovery services—and we’ll do the same for you.

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data backup and disaster recovery Lexington Kentucky
data backup and disaster recovery

Security Assessment

Has it been a while since you’ve last examined your security needs? We’ll go over your entire network and report our findings so you can decide which of our IT services are right for you.

data backup and disaster recovery

Endpoint Security

Have any of your staff started working remotely? It’s becoming more popular these days. Ensure this doesn’t lead to your data’s downfall, no matter what device being used to access your network.

data backup and disaster recovery

Dark Web Protection

You’ve worked too hard and spent too much time and money on making your company what it is today. Don’t let your data be sold off for some cybercriminal’s profit. We’ll scan the dark web before it’s too late.

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When you’re facing tight deadlines, high vendor prices, impossible odds or increasing technology pitfalls, we’re the safety net to catch your fall and spring you back to work. Discover all the ways we can assist you through our many IT service offerings.

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